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Exclusive Destination Tattoos

Where2tat2 trailer, pro style!
This is Matthew Tarkman / MT Tattoos

Experience the Artistry of Exclusive Destination Tattoos

This is Matthew. He has been tattooing for over 23 years, has won awards for his work, and tattooed from the USA to Germany. He and his work have been featured on television, radio, and newspapers. He previously owned and managed 3 tattoo shops in the Bay Area. 

  • Blood born pathogens 
  • 23yrs (+) experience 
  • Award winning
  • Owned 3 shops
  • Featured in magazines
  • Starred on radio
  • Guest on a talk show

More artists to come

Our artists are certified and constantly expanding their skills and knowledge to provide you with the latest techniques and styles. We pride ourselves on our qualifications and reputation in the industry. Come see us at one of our exclusive destination locations and let us create a tattoo experience that's truly one-of-a-kind.

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